Active Projects

Poliovirus Cell Entry

Finding the molecular mechanism of infection

We use poliovirus as a model for picornavirus infection to study the infection pathway by cryoEM.

Poliovirus Antibody Complexes

Finding the molecular mechanism of infection

Complexes with antibodies can trap intermediates in the infection pathway by cryoEM.

Bacterial Nanowires

Electrically conductive filaments

We are examining the structure of specialised extensions of bacteria that can conduct electricity.

Seneca Valley Virus Characterisation

Pursuing oncolytic viral therapeutics

This interesting virus is in clinical trials for treatment of specific cancers. We want to investigate the mechanism of infection.

Membrane Protein Receptors

Structure and mechanisms of fully liganded Insulin Receptor

Biophysical and structural analysis of membrane proteins can help explain their physiological function and help explain mechanisms of disease.

New Species Characterisation

Ultrastructure of undocumented species

Structural biology can help classify and make sense of genomic information when categorising newly discovered strains or species.


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