Poliovirus infection and cell entry

We work on poliovirus cell entry, investigating the molecular mechanism of infection using electron microscopy and other biophysical methods.

We also look at poliovirus in complex with antibodies to trap intermediate states.

Seneca Valley Virus

Seneca Valley Virus biology

We are investigating Seneca Valley Virus and its role in cancer therapy as an oncolytic virus.

Bacterial Nanowires

Electrically conductive protein filaments

We are looking at electrically conductive filaments, how they transport electricity, and how they can be used in microbial fuel cells.

Cellular Receptors

Structure and mechanism of fully liganded insulin receptor

Cellular receptors, like the insulin receptor, are important molecules in cell signalling and metabolism. Our structural analysis of these membrane proteins helps explain how they function and unlocks potential therapies for treatment.

New Species Characterisation

Investigating the properties of newly discovered species.